TAP TrashTalk


Roadside trash is not simply an eyesore, it makes its way to the ocean, and contributes to environmental pollution and climate change. TAP TrashTalk is a litter-collection initiative that tackles the problem of roadside trash in a new way. Find out how you can help clean up the environment by contacting us at info@taptrashtalk.com

A Different Kind of Trash Talk: The TAP TrashTalk Documentary

This award winning documentary follows Joe's litter collection initiative and his big ideas for world improvement called TAP (Toward Alternative Possibility). The filmmaker's narrative and Joe's story link up with the stories of others dedicated to cleaning up the environment and lessening the impact of climate change on our communities. These stories are woven together to create a rich, multi-layered narrative of hope and possibility for the planet.

The film also brings awareness to big ideas for world improvement and how linking people with the shared values of curiosity and compassion, instead of judgment, can help us become more fulfilled as global citizens.

Patricia Burke, the filmmaker, is bringing the message of TAP and TAP TrashTalk out into the world through this documentary. If your group or organization would like to schedule a film viewing and discussion please contact her at pab@patriciaburke.com or visit her website www.patriciaburke.com for more information.

This graphic describes the main components of TAP TrashTalk and how a litter-cleanup initiative can be self-sustaining. Explore the rest of the website for more information and ideas about starting your own litter collection initiative in your community.

If your group or organization would like to build a cart or need help with starting your own litter collection project contact us at info@taptrashtalk.com