Deeper TAP 03

4 Mar 2022

This morning I want to begin with purpose.

Why is the universe here? And why are we here within it all?

I've discovered a common thread that appears to be within almost everything.

Before I reveal the thread - I ask you a core basis question:

"Do you believe the universe complex or simple?"

In particular, focus on its primary purpose and intended objective...

My discovery provides the response of: simple.

What I've discovered is that infocomm is the common thread.

Everything exists to make possible or to generate itself data - or information - or story.

Everything appears to be evolving toward the ability to tell a story.

A story requires at least two independent minds:

  1. The storyteller

  2. The story experiencer

And thus the reason you and I are here!

I believe the universe is most interested in a single story - the story of TAP's definition of 'universal truth'.

That 'truth' that is a 'book' of 'statements', no matter the 'language' (infocomm), that applies equally - no matter where 'you' (intelligence) are from across the whole universe.

The evidence I can provide is this:

  • subatomic 'stuff'

  • atomic 'stuff'

  • molecules

  • organized non-lifeforms

  • lifeforms with no DNA

  • lifeforms with DNA

  • lifeform without intelligence

  • lifeforms with selfishness intelligence

  • language

  • organized language

  • lifeforms with unselfishness intelligence

  • information storage (pass-along) systems

  • digital technology systems

  • TAP (group voice vs. power voice)

I've attempted to list via the infocomm evolutionary path.

Everything that has ever been, exists today and that will come in the future contains story data. Time and spatial positioning of mass-based objects in time and space are story data. Energy and its various waveforms in time and space are story data. Even guesses at the possible, but unknown, past chapters of the story are story data. The story need not contain only error-free data.

Our universe exists so the story is created, shared, passed along and improved upon - as time marches forward. It improves with new discovery and new universal and world events unfolding in time. The story continuously changes across time. But at its core is the pursuit of universal truth.

Our humanity is at a pivotal place in its relatively very short chapter in the greater story.

Up until now, most humans believe humanity is the main character of the story. That we are the center of the universe. That a God, who is similar to us, created the universe.

TAP does NOT tell you to change your beliefs. It just suggests that you open your mind and heart to other possibility - like the idea of this other story - being the 'truth' of the universe's purpose.

Many humans have confused 'our world truth' with 'universal truth'. Again, mainly because they understand our world being the center of the universe.

One can easily better understand universal truth by imagining alien lifeform worlds of other solar systems within our galaxies.

What do we have in common?

Don't focus on the physical attributes. Instead think about the non-physical stuff. Focus on their infocomm systems. How do they deal with communication and the generation of important information?

Do they have all the same infocomm problems as us? Do they lie and misinform too? Are they mostly selfish too? Or have they evolved more toward the unselfish end on the continuum? Where the propagation of 'truthful' data (infocomm) is recognized as being far-more important to self-purpose and self-respect.

Imagine a world, not a perfect world, but one where they have many of the same challenges as us humans. The big difference is that these 'aliens' add far less alien-generated problems to their world.

So let's better clarify what 'alien-generated' and 'human-generated' problems are - versus the other type of problems.

The other type of problems TAP calls 'universe-generated' problems. These are all the natural events of the universe that occur independent of who is experiencing them as problems for their civilization. They actually are not problems unless they interact with some intelligent world.

Examples of universe-generated problems are:

  • Asteroid/ meteor strikes

  • Big solar flare events

  • Planet-quakes

  • Bad weather events

  • Climate-change events

Things that happen naturally - that the citizens of the world can do little about preventing from happening. Instead, all they can do is react or plan for response.

There can never be a utopian civilization in our universe - because of universe-generated problems.

The best any civilization can do is to minimize what they add for 'society-generated' problems.

And a civilization will always add other problems to the mix.

And this is where one's 'civilization model' is so very important.

Is it created to advocate first and foremost - for the 'present world' or the 'future world'? Meaning is it more selfish (present-thinking) or more unselfish (future-thinking).

Today's human world model is extremely present-thinking focused. It thinks and acts more for the now than what's coming later. It's also very me-centric vs. us-centric - a double whammy.

It's so bad that most people have no problem with harming others - present or future. Many have no problem with delivering terrible harm and even death to others.

Within our world, humanity is the first creature to kill its own kind to get advantage in the game. All other lifeforms don't do this so naturally.

What this tells me is the evolutionary process is NOT a straightforward ever advancing improvement type process. It's like most everything else - it's more a random possibility process - where sometimes the newly evolved change - can be more harmful than helpful.

Humanity is at a place in its evolutionary journey - where it MUST realize - to avoid extinction - we MUST shift from a present-thinking model to a future-thinking model.

Again, this is what the TAP conversation is all about. Simply, to startup this type of conversation.

Today, almost all of humanity is stuck in the fix-the-present-model thinking and belief place.

TAP pushes more - the transition to a whole new model place of logical solution and approach.

The great thing about TAP is its approach. It's not so much about the world it speaks of shifting to.

TAP recognizes that humans do not change their minds very readily. Meaningful change takes time.

TAP puts forth a seamless transition plan - that can as-quick-as-possible - move us from today's awful unsustainable world to a more balanced and endlessly sustainable one.

The trick or key is the infocomm system. TAP doesn't require we eliminate anything of today's world. Instead simply add another alternative option to the mix.

This new option is TAPable.

TAPable begins with a focus on important info. It can easily be used for ALL types of infocomm, but it will launch with this intended focus - the more serious stuff that will save humanity from self-extinction.

But I'm sure participants and users will quickly bring to its content database - the more social and entertainment type infocomm. And this is perfectly fine. It's anticipated and even engineered to handle it all - ALL forms of infocomm.

TAPable can handle the less seriously stuff equally as well as it can deal with the serious infocomm.

TAPable is the starting place for seamless, nonviolent, non-confrontational transition from today's world to an improved near-future world.

And the key is moving from so-called expert voice infocomm authorship to group voice infocomm authorship - where you have 100% control of who will generate the infocomm you consume.

TAP ends the world where you are forced to consume infocomm, important or other, that others with the power and money want you to understand and believe.