Our very first demo TAP+ card creation video.

TAP+ is another sub-initiative targeting school-age kids.

As the cart is the starting point of TrashTalk - a deck of cards is the starting point of TAP+.

TAP+ is a simpler and more fun way to get kids to begin to understand TAPable.

TAP+ utilizes the structure of a normal set of playing cards - that 52-card deck - 4 suits and 13 values.

It mirrors this for a very important reason - so that the less fortunate of our world can also participate - without having to spend a dime to participate.

This solution works like this. Instead of having to purchase the TAP+ deck of cards - anyone can use any old set of cards. A big piece of the initiative is to get casinos of our world to donate their old decks of cards - that they replace regularly. The TAP+ initiative then gets these decks of cards into the hands of the less-fortunate kids of the world.

TAP+ is all about imagining a better world.

TAP suggests a better world is one that promises endless sustainability with better balance across all time. With TAP, 'better world' is the same as 'improved world'.

TAP+ provides 52 cards that present 52 world-improvement concepts. Many of the concepts are extraordinary and of an alternative world - in many ways, opposite of today's human civilization. Some of these concepts, at first glance, might appear to be ridiculous and/or impossible - if one's mind is more closed.

Most people of today's world have minds that can only understand the realities of today's world. This is understandable - because we are mostly that which our world demands and incentives. Reality is what our world encourages.

TAP+ suggests, that starting out, you mind travel to an alien world. Think and become aware of alternative possibility by better understanding this alternative civilization.

Maybe down the road a bit - you will then consider adopting alternative possibility into our own world.

The TAP+ cards exist to open minds to alternative possibility.

Each unique mind, that explores the cards of the deck, is first asked to become aware of the concepts.

Next to go deeper and better understand the details of these concepts.

Next to compare concepts and begin to assess which are better than others.

The deck exists to help each mind begin to prioritize each concept - the best moving to the top of the deck and the not-as-good moving to the bottom of the deck. All the while assessing relative positioning - with the one card above the adjacent lower card - being assessed as better.

Ultimately TAP+ wants every participant to share their personal thinking online - through a TAP+ social media type platform.

The solution allows any participant to update their personal thinking and work list at any time. Better understanding evolves with time. This is why TAP+ allows for continuous change.

It will take time and effort for any participant to understand all the concepts and how they all interconnect to co-create one alternative world of possible relative improvement - over our present world.

TAP+ encourages everyone to learn by comparing this new world to our present world.

[more coming soon]