A new Doodly video is now available: TAP: An Alternative Approach. It attempts to place focus on a few of the many core problems and then provide solutions that directly address and tackle these problems. Finally, to convey hope for a better future world.

TAP is the broader initiative that asks everyone to more seriously consider and discuss alternative world-improvement possibility.

TAP suggests that EVERYTHING about life, our world and the universe must be included in the conversation - because EVERYTHING is interconnected and everything impacts almost everything else.

TAP also suggests that the best way to consider alternative possibility is to directly compare it to what is reality of today's world. This is a challenge in of itself - as today's reality is built of a foundation that includes significant amounts of dis-misunderstanding.

Today's world is a money-centric world. Almost everything we know as reality, is the way it is - because of money and the pursuit of power over it. This design and model has endured over many millennia of modern human existence.

TAP asks you to imagine a very different world with different primary objectives.

Instead of endless economic growth at any cost to biosphere or humanity health - the TAP world wants to ensure both maximize their health and wellness. TAP wants continuous slow improvement, even.

To achieve this, TAP replaces the pursuit of continuous economic growth with two two other economic primary objectives:

  1. maximize efficiency

  2. minimize wastefulness

The former pursues 100% efficiency - impossible to achieve. The latter purses 0% wastefulness - also impossible to achieve. But unlike continuous unbounded growth, that naturally and logically generates inconsistency and major problems as time progresses - TAP's pursuits naturally bring about continuous improvement.

The TAP world definitely requires money and an economic system too - just with different primary objectives. TAP's NOT one of those initiatives that says that our world would be better off without money. Money, done right, is an extremely valuable tool for civilization.

Human done (performed) 'jobs' are NOT as important in the TAP world - as they are so very important in today's world.

In the TAP world, humans are the creatives - whereas, machines, computers, robots, software, AI etc. are the laborers of society. These non-human tools do most all the repetitive, monotonous and non-creative work. In the TAP world, people are encouraged to create into the world more and more good-for-the-economy solutions that keep removing people from the labor force - and shifting humans over to creative-work activities. In this way, the two no longer adversely impact the other or the economy.

In the TAP economy, most people do daily 'valued activities' vs. work or jobs.

Valued activities often involve, what in today's world is considered low or no activity. Often times, especially within a world that is very unbalanced and unhealthy, the best next step is providing 'healing time'. So doing little or no activity, that consumes precious limited resources, is the very best course of action. And best of all - this actually creates a better environment for more thoughtful improvement creativity possibility to emerge.

Today's world, has a money system that is extremely archaic and full of problems - but problems that were strategically designed and allowed to exist. In today's more digital world these designs are referred to as backdoors.

Backdoors are designed into the overall solution system to give a few a major advantage in the game being played. The backdoor controllers can do all kinds of secretive and hidden activities. The TAP economy includes a monetary solution that has no backdoors and better yet continuously ensures that none ever emerge across time.

What this means is that global currency CANNOT be manipulated by those few, who in today's world basically control everything of our civilization.

TAP's alternative solution for currency is really simple too. Multiple innovations deliver a solution that is 100% hackerproof. We cannot wait to share the details of TAP money - also written TAP$.

But as important as our civilization's economy is - there's something even more important and core: infocomm.

At the core, at the heart, as the foundation of any civilization is infocomm.

Infocomm is just short for 'information communication'. Infocomm includes both information generation and communication of this created information. Info authors and info consumers - if you will.

The problem with today's infocomm - is it contains far too much dis-misinformation. Our civilization is less fact and science based than it should be. TAP will suggest that there's so much misunderstanding present - that our humanity is in great peril of self-destruction.

TAP's not worried about planet Earth itself - self-destructing, but:

Will humanity be part of planet Earth's story - in the not so-distant future?

Present humanity, with its primary pursuit of wealth and power, has thrown every ecosystem into great imbalance and poor health. Our planet has gone through far worse environmental changes prior to today, but never with humanity as a key player. Physical evolution is naturally a slow process. Humanity has sped everything up - and not in a health or good way. TAP suggests that fighting the universe is a fight that will never be won. We need to understand the laws of the universe and work within them to evolve in a slow upward slope. Thinking we are smarter than the universe will only land us as extinct beings of it all.

The natural biosphere lifecycle, with all its tumultuous changes from both internal and external forces - is not the problem. The problems are those that humans generate - mainly because of ignorance of science and beliefs based on dis-misinformation. We MUST get our minds in the best place before we can get our physical world there too. The problem has little to do with anything of the natural physical world. The problem is within our minds.

Intelligence assessment is something that humanity has not yet figured out.

What's the very best method for assessing intelligence?

TAP suggests it's got everything to do with assessing selfishness.

TAP sees every physical element and object and every non-physical concept of the universe possessing some level of selfishness.

Imagine a simple horizontal continuum of a visible length. On the left-hand endpoint is 100% selfishness. On the right-hand endpoint is 100% unselfishness. At the very center of this linear spectrum is a balancing point that is the objective of everything of the universe.

For the typical human being this balancing point objective becomes the sum total of its lifetime - attempting to balance out personal activities that continuously bounce from more selfish to more unselfish. Most humans never get close to this balancing point, especially people of today's world - who are actually incentivized to be more selfish most of the time. Most of us die being far more selfish than unselfish. But yet the objective is there, for all of us to work toward.

TAP will even suggest that the closer one gets to this balance point - perhaps 'truth' itself becomes better understood - or at least one gets closer to understanding what it might look like.

TAPable is actually a tool for assessing the intelligence of humanity across time - based on this approach of measuring intelligence.

Today's science even reinforces the method. We become better when we consider ourselves as a important member of a whole social community. To be a best community member we must balance what is best for all with what is best for self.

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