Just brainstorming here for now.

How might we socialize around this initiative?

I'd like the focus to be around storytelling. Sharing the stories of cleanup events and cart builds. Are other people you encounter getting excited? Are they asking how they may join in and help?

We could build a Facebook Page or Group. Or Instagram.

Something I've been using of late is Amazon Photos. It includes a 'group' creation feature for sharing photos and discussing each photo as a separate discussion thread. Unlimited photo storage with your Amazon Prime account - which I subscribe to, so then no worries about tons of photos being shared.

Others do not require a Prime account to participate. Anyone can open a free Amazon account - required to participate in a Photo Group.

At least in the beginning, as this initiative begins to grow - these sorts of solutions might be manageable.

Get a Amazon account and then all you need do is share with us the email you signed up with. Then we will add you to the group. I'll build various albums that separate cart building photos from cleanup event photos. There can even be a litter collection photo album vs. an album that features collectors collecting and socializing, before, during and after events.

Any group member can then add comments or story details to any specific photo - all very much the same way one can within a Facebook group. I know many are anti-Facebook now, so maybe the Amazon Photos platform will be more acceptable by most everyone.

Use this socialize form to request to be added to the Amazon photos group.

I've created the Amazon Photos TAP TrashTalk Group now.

Here's the link to join the group through.

Using a smartphone - download the Amazon Photos app. Otherwise on a laptop you just use the Amazon Photos website portal. No need to download the Photos desktop app they offer.

You must have an Amazon account to participate, but you do NOT need a paid plan, like Prime. You can open a free account - just for Photos use.