Deeper TAP 04

5 Mar 2022

Even if every human being - played exactly by the rules of today's model - without breaking a single rule - our extinction will soon come.

This is fact - because the present model is unsustainable. And not just a little unsustainable - but tremendously unsustainable.

It's always been unsustainable - since it was first created and with every tweak it has been given over its short (relative to most other eras of human history) time here with human civilization.

It somewhat worked in the early years and even up to the mid 20th century - if one accepts that humans must harm and kill other humans. That there must be class divisions in society and that there must be leaders with more wealth and power than the great majority of citizens. One must also accept that 'rule breaking' and lying are perfectly acceptable practices of a civilization.

Our world is the way it is because of money and power. Those with it are the designers and creators of the model. The model best serves them. Every law and rule and reality exists to give them advantage in the game.

Even the things that 'at first glance' appear to advocate for 'the people' - are manipulated to keep the power with 'the leadership'.

Complexity is the creation of 'leadership'. It's employed to 'hide the truth'. The systems, solutions, rules and laws of today's human world are so complex - that the typical person 'trying to survive the day' has no time to ponder the 'truth' hidden within this complexity.

A civilization need not be designed this way. The model can actually be quite 'simple for goodness' at its core - where the goodness is for the sake of future humanity vs. present leadership.

TAP will tell you that 95% of everything that exists in today's world is not needed. These realities only exist - because of leadership's pursuit of profit and power.

Eliminate this selfish primary objective of the model and much better models can be engineered.

TAP's model has these primary objectives:

  • endless sustainability of humanity within our biosphere

  • better balance of all things across all time

  • greatly reduced wastefulness of time, energy and resources

  • maximum efficiency of solutions, systems, approaches and methods

  • much more equality and happiness

  • much less fear, misunderstanding and stress

A new model that can quickly eliminate 95% of our present day consumption of precious diminishing physical resources can create 'healing of the biosphere'. Healing takes time.

The universe is a funny place when it comes to evolutionary improvement vs. setbacks. Ponder how improvements happen vs. how setbacks happen.

Most positive events take lots of time. Most negative events happen very fast.

It's as if 'someone' or 'something' wants 'the story' to be endless.

Logic is - that if 'good' comes quick and easy and 'bad' takes time and much energy - then the story is going to quickly come to an end. This is assuming 'good' is the story objective - which I MUST wholeheartedly believe.

But this is a core question of our universe:

"Does the universe exist for something good - as its primary output?"

Or does it not care one way or the other? Is a bad outcome okay? Or a neutral outcome - meaning neither good nor bad - when one assesses across the entire story.

TAP and I say 'goodness' is the objective. This is not just a guess - but based on observable behavior of everything known today.

Everything of our universe appears to be evolving toward better understanding of 'truth'.

No matter how hard leadership tries to mask the truth of their badness - many individuals naturally seek the 'truth'. And all stuff that is not alive seems to be evolving to help intelligence with this pursuit.

'Truth', at some point has to be stated and shared. This requires authorship and communication of the authored info.

Humanity's infocomm continues to evolve - from speaking to writing to analog solutions to all the many digital options of today's world.

But today's world infocomm still provides game advantage to the rich and powerful.

TAPable shifts control, at least the infocomm component of civilization, to the individual citizen - away from the rich and powerful. It actually establishes a new form of power player in the game of life.

The new infocomm power player - are individuals who best understand everything of the universe and world - especially how it all interconnects. But not just understanding present reality. The new leaders also 'see' what's needed next to generate future improvement. They are very imaginative and creative minded persons.

The TAP world leaders can't buy their positions. Instead they MUST prove themselves by openly and freely sharing their understanding and creativity.

Understanding and creativity is an endless non-physical resource of our universe. This is much the basis of how the TAP model can endlessly deliver improvement across all future time.