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In reverse chronological ordering:

Trailer is here!

First test fitting of the cart on the long-distance travel trailer.

29 May 2021 23:09GMT

Back to the can work.

Now have lots more cans collected, deconstructed and cleaned.

20 May 2021 19:19GMT

Unintentional littering

I got to witness one form of littering.

20 May 2021 14:53GMT

The Planeteers of Southern Maine

Similar minded Mainers.

18 May 2021 12:31GMT

'Can work' milestone

Lengthy stretch of Rt. 9 decanned.

17 May 2021 23:30GMT

Cart - 1st test run

Just 0.5mi stretch of road.

13 May 2021 21:48GMT

Latrine Seat

To help reduce messes.

12 May 2021 23:24GMT

Initiative Avoidance

What did I say wrongly?

12 May 2021 12:41GMT

New Additional Wheels

For trailer loading & unloading.

11 May 2021 22:23GMT

Latrine Enclosure Progress

One lower panel sewn & installed.

11 May 2021 22:18GMT

Sewing Progress

Installed quick disconnects.

11 May 2021 13:00GMT

Another can search trip

Picked up a little other litter types too.

11 May 2021 12:55GMT