TAP TrashTalk

Imagine a near-future world where with most roadside litter - it can be swabbed for DNA testing. Every cigarette butt and beverage container holds the DNA of the person that consumed the product.

The issue, though, is: How did the item become litter?

Did the consumer knowingly discard it into our shared environment or did it fall or blow out of a trash/recycling truck?

Great logical solutions are always tough to come up with - because almost nothing of human civilization is black and white - as far as right and wrong go.

The very best we can ALL do is propose alternative possibility solutions - then analyze the pros & cons of each - ultimately comparing each to each other.

This is what the TAPable tool is all about. And it does NOT require expert(s) or judge & jury to make subjective final decisions. TAPable automatically finds the agreement within ALL participants minds. NOT only this, but it also helps every participant evolve their personal understanding of the issue and all possibility.

Think of TAPable as a signal within noise filter-finder tool. The noise is ALL possibility. The signal is the very best next-step decision and/or action.

Human civilization and society is a continuous experiment or game. We are supposed to be evolving our intelligence, but dis & misinformation is the adversary in the game. Truth is the unachievable pursuit of the game - never fully attained - because continuously truth evolves too.

TAP's going to suggest to your mind, that we humans are NOT the only intelligence in the universe playing the exact same game. We are probably just one of billions of civilizations - each at similar or different spots along an intelligence continuum.

TAP's going to suggest to your mind, that we humans are definitely NOT the most evolved players of this game - meaning we do NOT presently possess the highest possible intelligence.

Best intelligence assessment has and continues to be a great debate of human civilization.

TAP's suggesting the very best way to assess intelligence is on a selfishness continuum.

Imagine a basic horizontal continuum. Place 100% selfish at the leftmost endpoint. Place 100% unselfish at the rightmost endpoint.

The overall universal game objective is NOT to get to the farthest righthand point. Instead it's to approach the midpoint of the spectrum - a balancing point.

Beings with advanced intelligence, always, are battling the issue of being selfish vs. being unselfish.

Science today tells us that being social has great advantage to a group vs. going it alone.

The social dilemma problem though is: What's best?

TAP's here to tell you that what is best - has everything to do with what is best understood to be fact, science and truth at any moment in time. But, again, the problem is: Who gets to say what this is?

The TAPable tool simplifies the problem - by making it possible to generate and compare any combination of minds thought and understanding. Any two (2) or more minds - with no upper limit.

By generating and comparing all the possible important examination combinations - we humans can evolve faster and better.

TAPable can even generate a single thought voice for all of humanity - as one game player. A different single voice for all important issues though. These voices can easily be: What's the next best decision or action for all of humanity?

What's the very best solution for our civilization's roadside litter problem?

This is just one of the many problems - and the one this sub-initiative has asked you to focus on - just as a random starting place - to begin to find a better understanding of the TAP approach to trying to bring about world improvement.

But ultimately, the best solution is the unselfish solution - it's what's best for those who come after us. The best solution is about ensuring that there will be humans who come next - who will carry on the objectives of the pursuit of the game.

Balance is perhaps the very best approach - NOT just balance of the present, but balance across all time. This simply means that we MUST consider those who come next.

TAP's philosophy is simple:

  • everything is interconnected

  • everything has limitations and constraints

  • everything is evolving toward a balancing point

  • the game is supposed to continue forever

  • the objective can never be fully attained

  • humanity is NOT the top player

  • the game continues on - even if humanity eliminates itself from the game

We are simply one player of this game. Humanity is NOT just us, but those who came before us and those who will come next.

TAP will suggest to your mind, our individual purpose is to be create the very best balance within our own lives. Try to balance our natural selfishness tendencies with what is best for those who are supposed to carry on in the game next.

As much as possible be honest in conveying knowledge, understanding and belief. Always keep an open mind and pursue the truth. Don't generate and spread disinformation - to gain selfish advantage in the game.

It's OK to be selfish some of the time, but always try to balance this with helping others, especially those who come next.