Deeper TAP 01

2 Mar 2022

I'm creating this more for my own sanity than for anything else.

I've been searching for someone who can go to this place with me, but keep losing candidates.

Basically, I'm searching for a non-traditional therapist who seeks a mutual swapping of mind helpfulness.

So I'm, now, just going to pretend that there's someone interested in my thoughts...

I've been listening to an audiobook my wife found for me. It's called "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. I loved it, but probably not for the obvious reason.

I already knew some of what was revealed by my past experience with the various Cosmos series. I was delighted to learn a few new tidbits of history, but noted that it's circa 2003 release already made it a bit outdated. Much more has happened and learned in the past two decades.

The takeaway for me was the story of how, even scientists (supposedly the 'smartest' of humanity) continuously keep getting the 'truth' wrong. Basically, because of their beliefs and closed-mindedness of alternative possibility.

And I'm sure we have most of it completely wrong still!

TAP is so important because it tells the story of combined perspective. NOT what the so-called expert thinks, believes and says. Instead, what we all agree is 'what might be the truth'. A story of agreement versus a story of 'truth'. TAP's story guarantees there will be error in 'truth', but the objective is to keep reducing this error - as time marches forward.

With TAP's 'group voice' there's no one to blame for the error. Instead when it's discovered and eliminated - everyone can celebrate.

Think of TAPable as a tool for measuring how well humanity is doing - with reference to its evolutionary understanding of 'what might be the truth'.

'Truth' is a loaded term. Some imagine it as a static thing. Wiser people recognize it as a dynamic thing of the universe - always morphing and changing - with new discovery and new unfolding events. This is why TAP prefers to focus on the 'universal truth' - as TAP defines it.

TAP's 'universal truth' is quite simple to explain. It's the truth that can be stated by any intelligence at any location in the universe. It's statements that apply to all the universe versus individual points or areas of our universe.

Universal truth is what can be said and agreed upon by ALL beings of our universe: humans, aliens, gods and other forms we have not yet even imagined.

TAPable is a tool for collecting and generating the statements.

Key to its design is its ability to generate voices from any combination of 'minds'.

Any combination - TAP refers to as a group. A group can be as few as two minds or any number (billions) of minds. It's all digital technology, so huge numbers are not a problem.

TAPable works without talking, debating or arguing. It only relies on the participant being 100% honest with thought and belief. It generates group voices automatically, without group leadership.

TAPable can easily generate the agreement that always exists - even between combatant minds.

TAPable includes a new type of artificial intelligence, AI. It's called TAP AI.

TAP AI helps reduce the work of contributing one's thoughts to the TAPable tool.

TAP AI reduces the workload to almost zero for the great majority of all participants.

It utilizes the 'social mirroring', the innate behavior of most humanity - to mimic those who are important relationships in our lives.

What TAP AI and TAPable get you to do - is to specify those minds that you believe to have the best understanding of the interconnectedness of everything.

Circling back to my intro (2nd section) - NOT necessarily the scientists alone. Instead a combination of various minds that you believe produce the 'best possible' group voices.

All TAP AI and TAPable do is mirror their 'group voice' as your mind's input and contribution.

It's really simple - given the different construct of the core infocomm object that TAP employs.

You will need to open your mind a bit to better understand what this last statement means in layperson terms.

Within TAPable you can't communicate as you do in today's world. You can't text, talk, or like - as you are so use to doing today.

The main thing you do is prioritize 'the possibility' that emerges in time. Meaning you assess options relative to one another and state which you believe is better or more important.

But this is not all you are asked to do...

TAP really wants you to be creative - in two ways:

  1. to improve upon what presently exists as content

  2. to add new unique content options to the list

With TAP, only real thoughtful minds can do this - AI cannot and is not allowed.

An important design aspect of TAPable, that is NOT yet so applicable to today's world, is the concept of participating in person versus participating through your avatar.

Everyone using the TAPable tool has an avatar.

This avatar works for you - all the time - doing what the TAPable tool requires of all participants.

You as a real human being within our real world can NEVER become an obstacle within the tool - because your avatar ALWAYS does what is required - if you are not available to do what's required.

Within TAPable no one becomes an obstacle and no one has any more 'power potential' than anyone else. Everyone is more an equal, but only if you capitalize on the potential to impact 'the outputs'.

The TAPable outputs are a new form of infocomm.

BTW - infocomm is short for both information and its communication.

TAP is most interested in 'important infocomm', but the tool can be used for any form of infocomm - be it socialization infocomm or entertainment infocomm.

TAP defines 'important infocomm' as the subset of all infocomm that aids each of us in:

  1. establishing our understanding of everything

  2. establishing our beliefs

  3. making important life decisions

TAP's output data is to be a new type of reference data - for helping each of us - do those three very important activities of life.

A key design feature, engineered into TAPable, is the ability for you to 100% control the authorship group of the reference data you will ultimately consume. Meaning you control who you want to hear from.

Very different than in today's world - where you have little control over who generates the important infocomm you consume.

Today's reality is that money and power control what you consume as important infocomm. And this reality is destroying humanity.

TAP and TAPable were engineered from the better understanding of this core problem of today's world.

Our world is the way it is because most humans don't understand the purpose of the universe.

Most people are taught to be close-minded and selfish - to take from the universe all that is potentially available. This versus the opposite purpose - to give to those who come next - something that will help them and those who come next.

Today's world tends to focus its 'helpfulness intention' - on the less fortunate of the present vs. those who come next. Never really understanding that helping those of the present might actually be harming those of the future.

TAP greatly simplifies the concept of what's best and good vs. bad and right vs. wrong - by re-establishing the primary objective of daily life - to the welfare of future humanity.

Don't focus so much on the present world. Instead focus on the welfare of the distant future humanity within its world.

This simple redirection of intention - greatly simplifies a lot of aspects of life. It can help us each make easier decisions. It can put us all more on the same page and create an air of commonality - that unites more than divides.

Today's world has us very much divided - mostly with misunderstanding due to misinformation. Our world teaches us to focus on difference.

TAP attempts to get everyone to focus on agreement. And TAPable actually generates two types of agreement:

  1. what's best

  2. what's least best

Today's world tends to focus on just the former, but the latter produces even more opportunity for establishing like-mindedness.

Humans innately are drawn to and create stronger relationships with like-minded others.