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In reverse chronological ordering:

TAP story: timing = now

TAP has already started.

30 Sep 2021 13:17GMT

TAP story: three realms

How TAP believes the universe is structured.

29 Sep 2021 12:59GMT

TAP story: TAP groups vs. TAP groupings

The different voices of TAPable.

28 Sep 2021 20:15GMT

TAP story: true identity

Where honesty starts in the TAP world.

26 Sep 2021 13:45GMT

Apex Youth Connection

Exploration of TAP TrashTalk.

25 Sep 2021 12:41GMT

TAP story: suicide prevention

By way of the TAP world.

25 Sep 2021 12:15GMT

TAP story: real afterlife

Within a virtual world setting.

24 Sep 2021 12:15GMT

TAP story: a special type of happiness

Not known by most.

23 Sep 2021 12:09GMT


30th load to BPW.

22 Sep 2021 13:51GMT

TAP Story: citizen potential

Equal across all time.

22 Sep 2021 12:11GMT

TAP Story: Era of healing

It can start today.

21 Sep 2021 12:33GMT

TAP Story: Leadership

Very different than today's leadership.

20 Sep 2021 12:43GMT

TAP Story: civilization models

Time to imagine a better core model.

19 Sep 2021 12:31GMT

TAP Story: TAP AI = personal AI

World-improvement AI.

18 Sep 2021 12:52GMT

TAP Story: Utopia? How does one get money?

Just a few ways.

17 Sep 2021 14:10GMT

TAP Story: Utopia? No!

Instead, honesty understanding.

16 Sep 2021 13:07GMT

TAP Story Ideas Form

Tell us what you want written about next. No topic is too out there.

15 Sep 2021 13:28GMT

TAP Story: How vaccinations are dealt with?

Still up to every individual mind, but...

15 Sep 2021 12:36GMT

TAP Story: COVID-19 type emergent problems

TAP is engineered knowing these things happen.

14 Sep 2021 12:56GMT

Group cleanup event.

To support Planeteers of Southern Maine.

14 Sep 2021 12:37GMT

TAP Story: Good vs. 2 types of evil thinking

The two extremes of today's reality.

13 Sep 2021 13:42GMT

TAP Story: Includes real different 'aliens'

A form NOT of the physical realm.

12 Sep 2021 21:08GMT

TAP Story: 99% 'jobs' done by AI & machines

100% creativity done by human minds.

11 Sep 2021 13:38GMT

Average size of TAP TrashTalk litter pieces.

Estimated by total volume and estimated total piece count.

10 Sep 2021 21:08GMT

TAP Story: no taxes - instead 'use fees'

Use fees are less socialism based and more freedom of choice based.

10 Sep 2021 12:32GMT

TAP Story: no corporations or not for profits

Instead TAPops.

9 Sep 2021 13:06GMT

TAP Story: no social security nets

Citizens MUST make better decisions.

8 Sep 2021 15:32GMT

Which is worse?

We need your thoughtfulness help.

7 Sep 2021 21:15GMT

How big is the TrashTalk pile?

In graphic image format.

7 Sep 2021 13:51GMT

Humanity is just one player.

In the universal game being played out.

7 Sep 2021 12:59GMT

Real fiction vs. Science fiction

A new storytelling genre that focuses on world improvement.

5 Sep 2021 15:30GMT

'Good & safe' money vs. 'criminal activity' money

How TAP helps prevent problems with money.

5 Sep 2021 12:12GMT

Unselfish intelligence vs. artificial intelligence

Perhaps a better way to assess intelligence?

4 Sep 2021 13:11GMT

Unselfish freedom vs. unlimited freedom

How TAP deals with personal freedom issues.

3 Sep 2021 12:37GMT

Valued activity vs. jobs

How TAP suggests we improve problems with today's economy.

2 Sep 2021 12:30GMT

Temporary users vs. ownership

TAP eliminates the concept of present-moment ownership.

1 Sep 2021 12:15GMT