Deeper TAP 08

9 Mar 2022

Let's now get into the issue of your creativity...

It's the real commodity in the TAP world. It's what makes everything flow and work forever.

Creativity is also the primary element of the universe. It's why everything that is - is the way it is.

Creativity is the stuff in the container - the important stuff.

The container is the physical universe stuff - including you.

You are very much like a mini universe - at least the universe that science tries to tell you is the universe - both macro (galaxies, gravity, time, etc) and micro (subatomic, atomic, molecular, etc). You are a container for creativity.

Your creativity is what's in your mind.

TAP will suggest that, of all the possible stuff that can end up in your mind - the most important creativity is 'universal truth' story stuff. That stuff that is true no matter who you are or where you are in the universe.

This is what TAP and TAPable is most interested in bringing focus to. And we need your help!

Every perspective, every Point Of View (POV), every person ever born into our world across all time - no matter if disabled or pathological - is important as a story contributor. All possibility needs to be assessed.

Think of yourself as a data content contributor. Most of the time you are just providing assessment data. But every once in a while you suggest novel creativity that can move the pointer ahead. The pointer being better understanding of universal truth.

You are a potentially important player in the game. TAP wants you to know this.

But here's the reality. You can also - maybe, even more easily - move the pointer backward.

People do this all the time - by being dishonest with their creativity contribution.

TAP's NOT looking for you to say what is 'truth' and what is non-truth. All it wants from you is your honesty of your thoughts and beliefs. That's all that is needed from you. Leave the final 'truth' assessment up to TAPable. That's why it exists.

TAPable will NEVER say that what it outputs is the truth either. What it will say is - "This is the group's best assessment of what might be universal truth - at this moment it time."

TAP knows that most everything will change - including 'truth'. Next events and new discoveries ALWAYS create change. Just look backwards in time - at what was once truth and how it became non-truth.

Your creativity is required.

But life is tough. Often we have no spare time to go there with our minds. Our minds are often challenged with simple survival.

This is why TAP AI is a VERY important component in the overall solution design.

TAP AI allows you to contribute - when you can't.

TAP knows that today's world prevents a great majority of people from being able to thoughtfully contribute creativity. Probably 99% of today's people will never contribute a thoughtful piece of data. This is perfectly okay! It all still works great!

TAP AI, in the form of your avatar, contributes for you - when you can't or don't.

Your avatar is always active in the game. It never sleeps. It's always working for you.

It actually has intelligence too, but limited intelligence.

It cannot be creatively intelligent. All it can do is be socially intelligent. It socially mirrors others that you tell it to mirror.

Imagine an arrangement of standing dominoes, positioned to fall over and knock over other dominoes. But not one to one. Instead one to two. So each that falls knocks over two. And then the two to four. Four to eight and so on and so forth.

This is how TAP AI works. All that is required is one mind contribute one thoughtful piece of creativity. Then the rest of the dominoes can fall.

In practice though the TAPable solution involves timing and periods of acceptable contribution, so everything does not necessarily happen all at once. You have 100% control over when you want your avatar (domino) to fall. The fall is the data contribution moment in time.

Because everyone sets the timing differently - and can change the timing anytime - no one really knows what exactly will be mirrored what way.

The timing is a play strategy factor. Respond early, mid range or last second - or the almost endless variants across the whole continuum.

But you need to understand a little more before you understand how timing impacts the mirroring.

The TAP AI solution is so simple and logical, that there's a logical default that can be given to every new TAPable participant.

This means the newbie's avatar can get started - without the newbie doing anything more than joining.

Social mirroring works on the principle that humans trust those they surround themselves with.

As part of the join TAPable process - you MUST provide a little psychographic data.

TAPable helps you get into a starting place home base from the get-go.

The default instruction your avatar begins its life with is this:

  1. response at 'join' timestamp - but at a minimum 24 hours after you are called to respond

  2. mirror all those in your group who have contributed already, at that point in time

Don't worry too much about completing understanding what this means.

Just know that this type of TAP AI solution will work - to eventually knock down all the dominoes.

ASAP, you can change both the timing and the mirroring instruction of your avatar.

TAPable actually provides almost endless creativity options to you for doing these two simple bits of instruction. We even encourage you to be creative and to continually test alternative possibility.

So TAP AI is really simple. We call it personalized AI or AI for your personal benefit in life.

TAP AI is not about profitability - like almost all of today's world AI.

TAP AI exists to help you and to help you create more happiness in your life.

Now that you, hopefully, better understand how TAPable can help every single unique person in the world - let's get back to what it's really trying to get out of the minority participant population.


TAPable, actually does not want you to play through your avatar - all the time.

AMAP, it wants you to thoughtfully engage and contribute your unique creativity. This is way more valuable than mirrored data. And TAPable will actually reward you for your honest thoughtfulness.

TAPable includes in its design TAP$.

TAP$ is a type of branded microcash that only, for now, has any real-world value within the TAPable platform.

TAPable has payment required features. This is how it generates self-sustainability revenue.

To access these features you MUST pay in TAP$s.

Know though that most participants will never pay a dime out of their pockets. This because they will only spend the TAP$s they earn.

TAPable actually is engineered to get most of its revenue from the business community.

The typical participant - helping to create the valuable TAP data - is paid for their time and effort.

The typical real-world money customer is business, that wants the data.

But there's also pay-data that you will want. And if you want it soon enough, now, you too will have to pay.

So what does TAPable pay, in TAP$s, to creativity contributors?

The details of what 'valued game activity' will earn you how much TAP$s - is not yet detailed. It's tbd.

But we can 'couch it' a bit for you.

Imagine a revenue model that rewards 50% of its gross revenue as reward TAP$s. Meaning half of what TAPable takes in - it gives back to its creative participants. Afterall, you are co-creating the commodity item, important infocomm.

This sort of model is an example of how TAP engineers a more sustainable economic model. Getting away from physical resource consumption and switching over to a limitless fuel for a new type of economy.

TAPable can pay so much because what you are providing is what's going to save humanity from self-extinction.

The important infocomm of TAPable only begins with defining 'universal truth'. It quickly adds much more important infocomm.

TAPable, as a new general infocomm tool, is all about co-creating the very best next-step decisions.

It's designed for helping small subset groups, like your home base group, while ALWAYS getting the adul reference voice of ALL participants.

It's a way to keep everyone happy - playing together in the one sandbox.

Earth and its biosphere is the one parallel real-world sandbox.

Though TAPable creates a parallel, mind-only world - the two become seamless worlds toward co-creating near-future and distant-future world improvement.

TAPable encourages and incentivizes you to contribute alternative world-improvement possibility of a specific format.

It's important information.

It's logical creativity. Illogical creativity is NOT rewarded.

It's intended creativity - to fulfill the intent of the need.

The need is a clear and concise statement or question. Formatted so there's little to no misunderstanding created. This is the new infocomm object's title of the issue or need. It's what's at the top of the list.

For example "Universal truth statements" or "What do we focus on next?"

Below the 'need' title are the rank-ordered need fulfillment objects that make up the actual list.

Each list item is unique in fulfillment intention. There can be no duplicates in these objects.

I'll just call them 'list items' for now.

Though each might have a strong or weak connection to all the others - no two can be the same in intent.

TAPable has another innovation that deals with preferred statement of a list object - the title too. It's called morph(s). More about these later. But know that they take care of the language preference, generational differences, cultural differences, etc. problems that are naturally a reality in considering a new infocomm system.

Back to list items...

There's almost never a list of only two or a few items with TAPable.

TAPable is after the very best overall list. A best TAP list has the best or most important agreement items at the top. It has the worst or least important agreement items at the bottom. In the middle gets positioned a variety of fulfillment options - including:

  • unawareness options

  • misunderstood options

  • uncertainty items

  • disagreement options

This list structure, that is the basis of infocomm improvement, is at the core of how the overall TAP civilization model is engineered. It's a solution approach that can take us from our very problematic world of today and seamlessly transition us to a greatly improved near-future world - that will continuously improve as time marches forward.

TAP and TAPable are not just talk. They are real-world solutions. They can really be built and made reality.

We're actively seeking a professional writer, right now.

Part of our pitch to candidates is for them to establish in the industry a new genre of storytelling called 'real fiction'.

Real fiction is:

  • Fiction of the moment - intended to be reality of tomorrow.

It's NOT just fiction that will be fiction for a long time, like Star Trek storytelling. Where maybe one day in the far off future 'beam me up' will be a reality.

Everything that TAP is saying, herein, can be reality as soon as tomorrow - because there's no new technology required. The entire TAP world can be built - starting today.

It just needs a bunch of awareness, attention, money and support.

What we're attempting, right now, is the awareness building step.

Sorry, I keep wandering away from 'your creativity'.

What we want you to do is:

  1. Understand the intent of the need statement or question

  2. Assess, relatively compare, the present list item positions

  3. Move items around - as you think best

  4. Think about new unique items

  5. Submit any novel (new, not yet existing or old, not yet in the list) items, presently not in the list

  6. Also submit morphs for existing items - list items & title & morphs

  7. Stay with the list and keep updating - as others contribute and different group voice lists change in time

This is a lot of creativity to work on.

Then think about hundreds and eventually thousands of lists existing within the TAPable platform.

Literally, endless thinking to be done by all participants.

Add to this that we ask you all to create and submit new unique need lists too.

Then you are not just working on lists, but first you must decide if a list is worthy of your time or your group's time.

As I mentioned before - NOT participating in a particular list helps define your TAP identity as much as dividing into one.

Your avatar is only called upon - if your group needs something from you. Outside of groups, for now, your avatar does nothing for you.

But stay tuned for where TAPable wants to go next.

Your avatar can carry on for you - after you die. And this is going to change our world in a momentus way - in the very near future.

Change that TAP believes will bring about even greater future world improvement.