TAP TrashTalk begins with a single cart.

Here's a photo of the final build version of the first cart. Easy enough for a small woman or child to move around.

The cart has been tested, modified and has found a new home upon its distance-towing trailer. We've cleaned up more than 140 miles of roadside and moved well beyond our local roadways. Also do our local beach.

You can follow along with weekly progress work here.

We keep the TAP TrashTalk facebook page updated with stories from the road work and with data and project enhancements. If you dislike or don't use facebook, you can get to the posts here.

A documentary film was done and is winning many awards.

We built a second smaller bike-tow cart and have started up a new bucket-exchange program.

See our whole on-line photo album here.

We've also been doing a lot of thinking about specialty collection tools.

We want collectors to have fun with fun higher-tech tools. Some initial ideas include:

  • Drone collectors - for farther away and hard to reach observable trash

  • Mini pistol crossbow 'fishing' collectors

  • Telescopic extension poles - with various attachments - with remote control triggers

  • Magnetic collectors - for small metal pieces of litter - fasteners, bottle caps, etc.

  • Brooms and small-litter pans - for broken glass, cigarette butts, aluminum caps & tabs, etc.

We've secured our domain and generated our CR code.

Perhaps most exciting is the initiative-branding solution.

Each cart will be 100% unique in creative-decorative design.

This initiative targets kids in school to:

  1. Find a sponsor

  2. Purchase a cart kit

  3. Build the basic cart

  4. Co-create a decoration design

  5. Build the wall panels out of deconstructed aluminum beverage cans

  6. Hit the road with their custom build - cleaning up our world and promoting the initiative

We can't wait to show you our first prototype cart. TAP will be its sponsor.

But we really can't wait to see your creativity!

We are actively seeking initiative:

  • Supporters

  • Sponsors

  • Leadership personnel

  • Co-developers

  • Strategic software developers

We are looking for young energetic initiative leadership. We look to pass the reins to better qualified and motivated minds asap.

We are presently working with and learning how to best incorporate these advanced communication tools:

  • Talkia

  • Doodly

We want to make learning more about TAP TrashTalk, TAP and its other child projects more fun. Please share your thoughts, feedback and ideas using this TAP TrashTalk form.