Deeper TAP 05

6 Mar 2022

The other day I got into a conversation with a friend who wanted to do a 'sustainability expo'. As part of the conversation I pointed out that their was a 'reactionary effort' approach and then there was a 'core problem effort' approach.

It's extremely important to understand the difference between these two possible approaches - to trying to bring about world improvement.

Another way to better understand the difference - is by thinking about tackling the outer surface or peripheral of an ever-expanding sphere vs. tackling the core problem of why the sphere is expanding in time.

TAP is all about tackling today's world problems from the core outward. It suggests that most all other problems emerge from the core problems. Fix the core and maybe many of those peripheral problems dissolve away.

But what are the core problems? Is there a most important core problem - if we were to prioritize all the core problems?

TAP suggests there is one to focus on first.

It's our infocomm system.

That one thing that allows us to share knowledge and new possibility discovery.

Unfortunately, information easily comes in two forms:

  1. honesty

  2. dishonesty

And today's world has learned that GREAT advantage can be had by employing and capitalizing on the latter.

Dishonesty is very different than error or mistake. These are types of misunderstanding and don't have anything to do with dishonesty - unless intentionally created with clear awareness of what they really are.

Today's world and model readily accepts that there's a big fat gray line - when it comes to playing the game. Especially when it comes to economics.

Not only is dishonesty allowed, but it's also encouraged and incentivized. We actually teach our kids it's OK to lie when it comes to acquiring money in life.

So how can a new model seamlessly transition away from this reality of today's world?

TAP suggests the solution approach MUST be engineered into the basis of an alternative infocomm system.

And TAP's new infocomm solution system is TAPable.

TAPable prevents lying and dishonesty from adversely impacting the sought after important information.

It does NOT eliminate the possibility of dishonest data from entering the mix. Instead, it simply reduces its negative effect to nearly zero. Also it disincentivizes the use of dishonesty - simply by making it more harm than help the user of it.

Within the TAPable tool users are encouraged to become leaders of important infocomm authorship.

But you can't become a leader by lying or buying your way to the top of the infocomm influence pyramid. With TAPable, the only way to the top is with 'best understanding of the interconnection of everything'. The reality-based or fact and 'truth' kind of understanding vs. the non-reality-based type that is tainted with dishonesty.

When it comes to important infocomm - no one - not even cheaters - want any bit of bad info to be part of their understanding of everything. Bad infocomm only harms a person - in the long run.

Cheaters use bad infocomm to their advantage - because they know it's bad for others and good for themselves - when used specific ways in the game.

TAPable recognizes this reality. It thus contains design to discourage ALL users from using dishonesty. Discourage, but NOT eliminate it.

Any user can still employ dishonesty. This can never be prevented.

Dishonesty with TAPable can harm others within small groups - especially groups that contain only two minds.

Think of person who is romantically interested in another person - and they pretend to be someone other than their true honest self.

Or a group of three where someone wants to impress the other two - so that they think the one person is like-minded.

But here's the thing about TAPable that is different from infocomm in today's world.

You can't be one thing in one group or situation and then simultaneously be different everywhere else.

In TAPable, when you alter your true identity, for a particular situation, you change yourself everywhere else.

TAPable only allows you to have a single identity - at any moment in time.

In today's world, you can be honest here and easily lie over there.

You CAN'T do this within TAPable.

It was engineered this way.

And this is at the heart of the solution - that discourages users from being dishonest - at least within TAPable.

If dishonest people do not use TAPable - stay away from it - then great. The resulting output, better important infocomm, will be all the better.

TAPable does NOT require everyone use it. It just needs a critical mass of users - to make its output data meaningful.

It's actually engineered to work with a single well-intended smart mind. It will generate wonderful world-improving infocomm - if only one mind is active.

This because TAPable puts to work TAP AI and every other user, but the one - if this is all it has attained thus far, can participate by contributing no original thought.

Again, TAP AI is simply a social mirroring solution. Where the great majority of participants simply mirror what others think and say.

With the TAPable tool - the trick is that the solution - limits the damage to the output infocomm - by the attempted dishonesty.

Where in today's world dis-misinfo is very easy to inject into important infocomm - with TAPable it is very hard to pull off this stunt.

Again, the key to the solution is the new way to do identity.

TAP's identity is NOT established by what we say or write or input as data - but instead by what we do and don't do within the allowable features of the tool.

It's very easy, with software - to limit what a user can do and can't do.

Unlike most other software apps or platforms - TAPable is NOT created to generate profit. Instead, it exists to save humanity from its innate selfish ways.

With reality as a basis of its understanding, TAPable can easily outwit the smartest of the dishonest minds of the world.

This is TAP's core solution approach. Really simple - just like the intent of our universe.

Simplicity vs. complexity is the intended play strategy - to win the game!