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In reverse chronological ordering:

Like yourself vs. love yourself

Reserve 'love' for others.

31 Aug 2021 11:52GMT

Overall objective = future improvement

Hopefully the new core agreement point?

30 Aug 2021 12:28GMT

Focus on agreement vs. disagreement

And not just one type of agreement.

29 Aug 2021 12:33GMT

TAP currency vs. Today's money design

Money design MUST first be improved upon.

28 Aug 2021 12:51GMT

'Self-regulating capitalism' vs. Today's destructive unchecked capitalism

How capitalism can be balanced.

27 Aug 2021 13:17GMT

How much litter has TrashTalk cleaned up?

Our estimated calculation.

26 Aug 2021 21:09GMT

Next best thing to 'truth'


26 Aug 2021 11:53GMT

Easiest improvement step

Slow down.

25 Aug 2021 13:25GMT

One universal paradox

About ALL things of the universe.

24 Aug 2021 12:42GMT

What's TAP?

In one short sentence.

23 Aug 2021 12:31GMT

Our world

How do we assess our civilization?

21 Aug 2021 13:49GMT

Another roadway redo

And BPW-20 & 21. ~95 miles done!

18 Aug 2021 21:50GMT


Within our consciousness & intelligence.

11 Aug 2021 15:12GMT

Hidden truth

What happens next?

11 Aug 2021 13:12GMT

BPW - 17, 18 & 19

Three different loads to Biddeford Public Works.

06 Aug 2021 19:49GMT

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering our global economy for indefinite sustainability.

06 Aug 2021 12:26GMT

New Solutions

Specific ways to improve the problem of litter in our world.

04 Aug 2021 12:46GMT


How best to assess it.

01 Aug 2021 11:48GMT