Deeper TAP 09

10 Mar 2022

Tonight is the very important meeting with a potential professional writer candidate.

We've had some good email exchanges to date.

Yesterday, I set up call expectations with a bit of an outline of our proposed relationship and approach.

I think she is onboard because she thanked me for the email and my thoughtfulness.

A book done by a professional who owns the story she creates is very important.

I've not done well with my writing attempts over the pass three decades.

I'm just too 'out there' for most minds of today's world to understand - right away.

One MUST quickly grab attention and then market - market -market.

It's going to cost us, but we are now willing to make this sacrifice.

There's not too much spare time left.

We want a writer to own and control what she writes.

It will be her translation - her re-interpretation - her story of discovery and understanding - in her voice - from her POV.

She's got some important decisions to make from the start.

I'm just available for help and guidance - if she calls on me for such assistance.

Picking up from where I last left off - kind of...

Let's get into the TAP innovation of the morph(s).

It's a critically important problem solving discovery of the alternative possibility realm.

The morph exists to help make unique individual minds happier.

We all think, believe and understand differently.

We all have different preferences, especially when it comes to consuming infocomm.

We have a preferred language. We have preferred terms and expressions. Many prefer images to words - wherever possible.

And as we acquire better understanding across our lives - we often change many of these preferences.

The TAP morph(s) allows us to constantly learn and change. The solution allows everyone in the sandbox - no matter who you are in the global world - to communicate with minimal problems - because of our differences.

It keeps us all on the exact same page when trying to work together on one page of the story. The story being co-created with group voice.

The morph is engineered within the digital software and user experience, UI.

Basically, it allows any participant to alter the primary infocomm screen objects of a TAP list.

To recap, the primary objects are:

  • list title

  • list items

These two components are what can be morphed - by any participant - at at time.

Imagine both types of objects as being:

  • text-based

  • image-based

  • or both

With the morph you can change what you see with either representation object.

You can change the term or phrase or the image. And there almost no limitation to what you can do creatively or even logically.

Morphs exist for your mind's happiness - so create what makes you most happy.

Morphs can be selected or created anew.

When someone else creates a new morph - it goes into a library database.

If you visit the library - you can explore all the morphs of any object.

You can take out any morph you want.

When you pull out a morph - that particular morph will show up everywhere in your personal user experience (UI).

You can't have more than one morph at a time, but you can change the morph whenever you like.

This helps your mind establish consistency of meaning across all lists.

So now imagine a different participant from a different place of our globe. Different language, different culture, different generation, different values, different interests, etc.

Within the TAPable sandbox - you can play with this person. You can communicate clearly with this person. Your two personalized lists look completely different, but they are exactly the same - within each of your minds.

This is how TAP is engineered from more of a core design. It starts by minimizing the opportunity for misunderstanding.

TAPable does not allow you to speak to that other participant. The ONLY way you can communicate with them is with your personal list. But this ONLY will happen - if you give them permission to see your unique list.

Most of the time no one sees your personal list. All they mostly ever see is a group voice list - where you happen to be a member of the same group.

But TAPable, with it's family, friends, colleagues, mostlikes and leastlikes - does have opportunities where you can give permission for others to view your personal list. But they don't see your exact list - they see your list with the morphs they have specified - as preferring.

Of course, this is exactly the same for all lists they explore in TAPable. TAPable automatically presents ALL the different types of lists - in your preferred morph objects.

Hopefully, you are beginning to better understand how TAPable's engineering helps improve infocomm.

It's not for all infocomm though. Just for important infocomm.

All other types of infocomm systems and methods stay as they are. But it's TAP's hope that TAPable does impact them and force them to improve too.

Misunderstanding, almost never helps any real-world situation.

It only ever helps those who intentionally use disinfo to create misunderstanding - for getting advantage in the game.

TAPable exists to combat this type of game play - which is rampant and out of control in today's world. Undermining every aspect of our civilization and speeding us to the day of self-extinction.

TAP's NOT saying that we need to eliminate all today's forms of infocomm.

There's still times when discussion and debate are vitally important.

But imagine a world where all 'important info' discussion and debate - begins with each unique group co-creating its starting-point group-voice list.

Before a word is spoken and exchanged - everyone in the 'room' - clearly sees and understands:

  • the top of the list = best and/or most important agreement

  • the bottom of the list = worst and/or least important agreement

  • the middle of the list = unawareness, uncertainty and/or disagreement

TAPable highly recommends all discussion and debate focus - at least to begin - at the very top of the list.

The #1 position item establishes the core of all that will be discussed and debated next.

Doesn't this seem like a MUCH better starting place - for ALL groups - of all types?

Imagine, if today's world leadership adopted TAPable as a starting place tool - for all its day-to-day work.

Might this greatly help generate improvement - right NOW?

Might it start a new positive movement - toward a better path forward - from here - this terribly problematic world that we all feel - in our hearts and guts - is NOT supposed to be this way?

Might TAPable begin a 'healing era' - where humanity gives planet Earth biosphere - the time to heal itself?

Might it reduce precious limited resource wastefulness and increase energy and time efficiency? Further improving our entire world.

TAPable is just a tiny core component of a much greater overall solution model. And there tons more we could tell you about TAPable.

Your take-away at this time need only be a little bit of hope that TAP can and will bring about significant world improvement.

The ball can start the first tiny bit of movement tomorrow - but it can really get rolling soon after.

An interesting phenomenon emerged with TAP's development over the many years - greater improvement appears to accelerate with TAP solutions.

This is almost opposite to everything else - put forth as world improvement innovation - of today's world. We've all witnessed how each new promising development, of today's world, in time - turns out to generate more harm and good.

TAP, in contrast, appears to generate more help than harm. The reason is - because its primary objectives are all based in future improvement - this versus selfish short-term gain.

TAP calls this phenomenon of additive accelerating improvement, 'alignment positivity'.

It's a very important core concept.

It's how we each, with the TAP world in place, can once again - make the promise to our kids and grandkids - that they will be handed a better world - in which to create a great life with.

Alignment positivity is one more approach to helping everyone assess what's best - when there are options to decide between. It helps us all figure out which one is best.

And it's the TAPable tool that allows us to figure out which is best as a group - with a single output group voice.

Everything is connected. Understanding this - is core to all things TAP.

A sustainable future depends on us ALL making the best decisions now. Caring about that future being there and being as good or better.

But we have a long way to go to reverse the damage done by today's model. A model that encourages selfishness and no real regard for future others.

Me me me.

Take take take.

With TAP this becomes.

Them them them.

Help them help them help them.

Speaking of them...

TAP has this helpful concept called THEM. Capitalized and italicized.

THEM are the future humanity - all of them as one entity.

Think out into the future 10,000 years or 500 generations.

Not too close or too far in the future.

THEM are who we are encouraged to think about now - when we make important decisions and take important action in the present world.

THEM established a great tangible reference point for our minds, now.

It's how we determine decisions and actions to be helpful or harmful - right or wrong - good or bad. Because we assess what's best for THEM.