Deeper TAP 10

11 Mar 2022

The call with the writer was so-so.

It was not what we were hoping for - as far as her interest in co-authoring goes.

But we will attempt a next step to see what happens next with her. We will learn more about the industry and its process.

Everyone wants a set of words that clearly and concisely explains what TAP is.

This is very difficult - because TAP is so many things. It's everything of our world and universe - just a very different approach to it all.

TAP's just a starting place conversation - of what is possible as a better world.

It's NOT the be-all end-all solution. It does come with many new tangible example solutions though.

TAP speaks of a whole-new civilization model being required to save humanity. That our present model is unfixable and MUST be moved away from - slowly and seamlessly, but swiftly and ASAP.

TAP points out, that almost everyone else in today's world is trying to fix the present model - that will NEVER bring about significant overall future improvement. All it really does is make a little better a specific set of focus present-day problems. This approach does NOT go to the core problems - and unless the core is understood and tackled that all else is fruitless endeavor or distraction from what is really needed.

The bigger problem of today is that almost everyone can't see or won't see - that what's being done will never work - toward the goal of saving humanity.

But with the TAP approach there is hope!

We ALL have to have hope to move ahead in a positive manner.

There's little to no tangible hope these days. What there is - is delusional hope. Things like faith, that God will take care of humanity. God just helps the believer - NOT ALL of humanity across all time.

Don't get me wrong. God is 'real' and really powerful in today's world. He's just not a scientist or engineer or mathematician or solution provider.

Our universe is actually very simple. But also a problematic container venue. It seeks balance within its physical realm, but not so much in its other realm.

Humans' minds cannot be figured out by math or science. They are not random though either.

Balance is possible within the non-physical realm. It's a balance of selfishness vs. unselfishness.

Today's world is - as bad as it is - because it's simply too out of balance toward the selfish side.

Before any 'real' solution can show up - we MUST face the facts. We MUST go to the core of the problem(s).

This is what TAP is - an exploration of the core and solutions engineered from a honest understanding of the core problem(s).

[more coming soon]