Deeper TAP 06

7 Mar 2022

TAPable emerges into today's world as a new type of social media gaming website.

Similar to how Wordle has just taken the world by storm.

People come - not to find the word of the day. Instead to bear witness to a priority list of - the most important questions of today's humanity.

What are the most important questions of today's humanity?

This is starting point of TAPable.

I can't tell you answer. I don't know what the 'answer authorship group' is going to come up with. This is how TAPable is so different an infocomm generator tool.

No one person or small team is going to suggest the answer.

It's going to be whatever the whole group combines to say.

So who is the answer or response (better) group?

It's ALL those who participate in the TAPable tool.

Each person who joins TAPable.

As soon as you join - then you have an equal voice in the group.

The size of the group does not matter - one, two or billions.

The important thing is everyone is an equal.

What does combine mean?

With TAPable 'combine' means mathematically combine. It's the only way to really deliver equality of voice - when dealing with the authorship of infocomm.

TAPable's mathematical algorithm is the simplest of math. It employs no tricks, like 'rank-choice voting' employs to give advantage or more power to certain voices.

TAP challenges everyone to understand the pureness of its math.

TAP utilizes the 'priority list' construct object as its solution basis simple infocomm object.

TAP recognizes that next-step options are almost never bipolar. Meaning only two opposite options. There's almost always an array of logical alternative options that exist between the poles.

And NOT independent options either. Often each is interconnected with some or all of the options. So prioritizing all the options by means of relative comparison is the very best approach solution.

With TAPable, the top of the list is the most important region or zone of the list. What ends up, up there, is the best set of options.

Of course, the one thing that ends up at the top is best or most important to focus on first - when it comes to the interconnection reality.

But often the top candidate does not provide the full next-step solution by itself. Often it's a set, indeterminate in size, that is required to form the best next step. Sometimes two or three interconnected options. Sometimes dozens.

But the option in the #1 position becomes the core of reference for everything else below it.

When TAPable first launches the first challenge task is to come up with the most important questions from the human understanding of the world and universe POV.

What will emerge as the #1 question?

Will this question find its position there early in the process or later in the process?

Will the question remain in place, once there, or will it find its way there after slowly climbing - after better understanding is found by ALL participants?

We will not know for sure until we do it.

But establishing the #1 best question is NOT all that is important.

What will the top ten questions be?

Then what will the top one hundred be?

How will #1 interconnect with #2 - and the pairing with #3?

What will be the nature of the top questions? Will they be more universal or will they be more specific to humanity's perspective and present beliefs?

And what will end up at the bottom of the list?

With TAPable, often the bottom is as interesting to study as the top.

At the bottom of a TAPable list is a second form of agreement. It's agreement on what is least important or the worst options.

Agreeing on what is worst can be almost as important - as agreeing on what is best. It unites the group and makes them even tighter in like-mindedness.

Like-mindedness is a core principle of TAP and TAPable.

TAP recognized that most intelligence naturally seeks out like-mindedness.

We form stronger relationships this way. We group this way.

But understand it's NOT the only way and not necessarily the best way.

The best way is often to seek out and better understand those who are not like-minded. They can often help us break out of our 'confines of thought'.

TAPable is designed to nudge every participant toward a better understanding of alternative possibility. It does this by encouraging the exploration of the voices of 'leastlike' groups.

TAP and TAPable, thus have two main categories of groups within its design:

  1. Mostlikes

  2. Leastlikes