TAP Purposeful Logic

TAP Purposeful Logic or TAP PL is a new way of establishing what might just be 'universal truth'.

Universal truth is a compilation of truth statements that apply across the entire universe. It's not just the 'truth' that humans believe. It's the 'truth' that all intelligence of the universe could agree to. This includes all aliens and even God.

TAP PL is actually a very simple method that addresses a series of logical interconnected questions. This instead of focusing on answers to specific questions. The set of questions becomes what's more important than any specific answer to a specific question.

TAP PL then requires that all responses (answers) do not contradict one another. The trick is to then come up with a more probable overarching universal story or universal game or universal model that does not produce illogical holes in the 'truth' probability.

To begin its process, TAP PL goes to the core questions of our universe:

  • What's the primary objective(s) of the entire universe?

  • What's our individual universal purpose?

  • What's our combined purpose as a single humanity?

  • Is humanity alone or just one player?

There are hundreds, and even thousands, of questions that are equally important, and their answers directly impact the probability of the more core questions. Organizing all the questions into a structure that indicates relative positioning to the core is an important piece of the TAP PL method.

Utilizing the standard TAPable design, co-creating prioritized lists of these questions - with the most core at the top - is how TAP PL structures ALL the questions.

No one person or group ever gets to say what's most core. Like all other things TAP - it's the group voice that's what's important. And this group voice is never static. It can always change based on new discoveries, new events or other understanding advancement.

At any moment in time, the list establishes a best reference for present thought and understanding. It helps each of us with our beliefs. 'Present answers' or 'best responses' to ALL the questions do also emerge. But any MUST now make sense from the list top to bottom. Each question and response interconnects and none can create illogic within the whole overarching universal story.

You can go here to see a demonstration of TAP PL.