TAP TrashTalk has several interconnected technology components that bring together the best of both the analog and digital worlds.


It all begins in the analog world with a trash receptacle cart designed to make roadside litter cleanup more fun and easier. The cart is designed to be a full service vehicle that moves along with the collector(s). It includes safety, health & protection measures, entertainment & communication support devices, various specialized collection tools, water/food service and even a latrine solution. All these are options to be included or excluded independent upon one's unique needs.

Collection Tools

The next important component are all the specialty tools. TrashTalk wants to make the actual work easier and more fun so more people get involved.

Specialty tools will evolve over time too - just like the carts will. Here are several starting-place ideas:

  • Remote control drone collectors

  • A specialized pistol crossbow with threaded fishline darts

  • Telescopic collection poles for far-down-the-steep-bank reaches

  • Specialized remote-controlled screw-on pole tools:

    • Navigation wheel

    • Tri-hook

    • Impact spear

    • Trigger grabber

  • Magnetic collection poles

  • Broom & glass pan

  • Better poke sticks

  • Better grabbers


TAP TrashTalk targets school-age kids from classroom settings. It also targets corporate sponsorship of classroom cart build projects.

TrashTalk recommends teachers, students and ed admin reach out to those companies whose brands show up on the trash being cleaned up.

"Be part of the solution vs. just part of the problem."

As part of the potential of the sponsorship program is the concept of creating a TrashTalk 'Naughty & Nice Lists'. Of the brands and companies, of the litter collected, are established the candidates for these lists. Those who refuse and delay sponsorship may well find their way onto the TrashTalk Naughty List. But those that do provide financial and other support may end up on the TrashTalk Nice List.


TAP TrashTalk wants collectors and supporters to tell their personal stories including building their custom cart, collection day events, the people that stop to inquire, and especially, what is found and cleaned up - the bad and the good.

We want each story to clearly describe what's being found - include your collection photos. In the beginning, there are no hard and fast rules. You do as much storytelling work or as little analysis and writing as you have time for.

Who's polluting our roadsides? Is it more accidental or intentional?

Tell us your thoughts on what you are finding.

Who has given up on our humanity? Is it drinkers and smokers who are struggling with their personal lives?

Or has most everyone given up on society and civilization? Are the majority just pulling back into selfishness stance positions? Take all you can get and don't care about others outside our small social groups? No regard for those coming next?

Based on what you find tell us what you think is really going on with our world today!


Then there's a new type of software - website and smartphone app. It exists to clearly communicate, both ways, among TAP TrashTalk initiative supporters and collectors. The software tells collectors and supporters what sections of roadway have been done and need to be done yet or again. It also allows collectors to communicate their upcoming near-future plans. The TrashTalk app creates a game out of cleaning up roadways. Collectors upload images and stories of their individual efforts. This does two things:

  1. Establishes proof of work done - with its important details of where, when and by whom?

  2. Adds to a litter analysis database - that begins to more clearly tell the real story of what is contributing to the huge global roadside litter problem.

Eventually this initiative would like to see 'litter facial-recognition' software being developed so all collectors need do is separate the major types of trash:

  • garbage

  • recyclables

  • returnables

  • hazard

The software also allows collectors to message authorities about criminal activity, illegal dumping, with evidence, photos & specific location. Also, requiring messaging would be big litter problems that are too difficult for collectors to remedy.

Before this advanced software exists, we will get everyone use to uploading collection images and pertinent data.

18 May 2021 Update: Two more software enhancement ideas:

  1. Bar code reader - that allows collectors to scan bottles and cans - to see if they have deposit return value.

  2. Trash & recycling container extra-space sharing - so collectors can get rid of litter by taking it to local supporters' normal trash/recycling containers - for regular normal pickup.

15 Jul 2021 Update: Another software enhancement idea - is to include a component that focuses on street cleanup parking. Where supporters can communicate to collectors places and times when collectors can temporarily park cleanup vehicles and equipment.

16 Aug 2021 Update: Another software enhancement idea - is to include natural environmental 'litter flow'. This means both typical wind and water flow paths - teaching everyone how litter NOT cleaned up will start 'here' and end up 'there'. There usually being a river ocean bay and beyond. This will help everyone better understand the realities of the 'whole' litter problem.

24 Aug 2021 Update: Another software enhancement idea - is to add public and private bathroom (restroom or porta potties) locations. The app would even allow supporters to offer up personal home bathroom facilities to area cleaners with all the safety measures that services like Lyft and Uber have in place now - to assure a collector is really who they say they are.

9 Sep 2021 Update: Another software enhancement idea - to coordinate with public works roadside mowing operations, so litter cleanup is done just prior to the mowing. Part of the problem is the mowing rips litter items into numerous smaller pieces - making it much harder and time-consuming to clean up. If public works posted its scheduled roadside locations then TrashTalk collectors could quickly adjust and get ahead of mowers.

Political Change

Where's the initiative heading?

Ultimately, we would NOT like to be cleaning up roadways!

TAP TrashTalk wants everyone to add to their conversations the issue of how best to prevent littering.

There are two (2) major forms of littering:

  1. Accidental or unconscious

  2. Conscious or purposeful

The former includes:

  • Holes in collection trucks

  • Wind blowing container dumps

  • Toddlers throwing stuff out vehicle windows

  • Things getting sucked out of moving vehicles

  • Accidents leaving vehicle debris

  • etc.

The latter includes:

  • Drinkers and smokers who throw away containers and butts

  • Lazy & upset with society waste dumpers

  • Athletes in races who feel they paid for the convenience right

  • Commercial enterprises who don't properly secure their trash loads

  • etc.

Do we really know the breakdown numbers of all these different sources of litter?

With TrashTalk, we will begin to better understand who and what is contributing what.

Political change is best started with a better understanding of the facts.