Another Doodly video is in the works. It attempts to better explain what TAPable is - by showing how it can help the sport of curling become better helpers of world improvement.

[a link to the video coming soon]

TAPable is the heart of TAP. It's the technology tool that fixes the core human-made problem of our civilization.

TAPable delivers an alternative method of doing infocomm. Infocomm = information communication.

Today's important infocomm is filled with disinformation and helps keep alive misinformation within the minds of a great majority of citizens of our world.

The remedy to misunderstanding is better information. TAP believes better information is information generated from honesty.

TAPable does NOT place the focus on truthful information - because TAP recognizes that truth is an ever-changing concept of our universe. Humanity's evolutionary history is a story of the continuous unending debunking of past 'truths'. Truth is NOT static. New discoveries of alternative possibilities and big world events often force us to alter our understanding of truth.

TAP has figured out, the best way to deal with this 'truth pursuit' - is to just focus on honesty of present understanding and belief. Target finding what is best at any moment in time - across all time.

The TAPable digital-technology tool was engineered to encourage, incentivize and even reward honesty of thought and belief. Participants need not worry about right vs. wrong or good vs. evil. All they need do is share their thoughts on a particular important issue.

TAPable includes a new education method - a solution that emphasizes 'awareness building' of all logical possibility that fulfills the intent of the subject matter.

Most all content of TAPable deals with some sort of immediate need of society and/or the whole human civilization. And TAPable does not shy away from any issues. It even tackles the most controversial and provocative, like 'population regulation' and 'the economy'. Even money itself is a topic.

TAPable will eventually be a new type of social media platform, but very different than all other platforms that exist today. First, the TAPable platform includes a whole new type of revenue self-sustainability model. TAPable includes no advertising by third parties. Second, TAPable forces everyone to play a very different infocomm game with everyone else. The 'freedom of speech' issue is directly addressed by radically changing the method of speech. With TAPable no one is allowed to speak - as they are use to speaking in today's world.

TAPable eliminates all the negative concepts of today's social media platforms. There's no bullying possibility. No hate speech possibility. No likes or dislikes. No texting or chatting. No commenting. No arguing or debating allowed within the TAPable platform itself. But this does not mean that all these things are not still possible in other platforms. Actually, TAPable is designed to encourage all the positive normal conversations within the many other platforms. It does this with a new identification solution, so everyone knows exactly what is being discussed or debated.

TAPable presents and works with a new innovation in infocomm. A whole new infocomm object it calls the TAP case-list or just case-list.

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