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TAP TrashTalk is a new starting place sub-initiative of TAP. TrashTalk tackles the specific problem, of roadside litter.

TAP is a new world-improvement initiative that addresses all the interconnected needs and issues of our human civilization here on our home planet.

TAP asks everyone to imagine a different but greatly improved world - a world that is much more balanced a world that is endlessly sustainable no matter what problems arise such as:

  • asteroid threats from our solar system

  • magnetic flux threats from our sun

  • corona virus threats from nature or science

  • earthquakes from tectonic plate movement

  • human overpopulation from science misunderstanding -

    • meaning most people don't understand that Earth cannot support endless growth

  • disagreement from dis-misinformation

  • even, corruption from very poorly designed monetary and economic systems

All these existing or lurking just around the corner issues - along with all the other important realities and problems of our world - are dealt with by TAP. It all begins with TrashTalk and its specific focused concern which is demonstrate how TAP's 'alternative-possibility' thinking can work.

Other TAP sub-initiatives include:

  • TAPable

    • A new "infocomm" (information communication) tool that generates improvement of important info.

  • TAP+

    • A deck of cards that helps build awareness of alternative world-improvement possibility.

  • TAP Community

    • An online community of like-minded persons dedicated to the conversation of alternative world engineering - via new possibility awareness building.

All things TAP is the brainchild of Joe Shumaker. Joe's a process engineer passionate about helping to bring about significant world improvement.

TAP's tagline is:

For our kids & grandkids

Joe has run his own one-person engineering firm for more than three decades. He's a proud member of the Highly Sensitive Person, HSP community and is presently working with its leadership on the TAPable initiative which recognizes that the HSP community is perhaps the best collection of deep thoughtfulness minds willing to do testing of the "solution approach". TAPable is a new tool for generating and communicating important information that we all use on a daily basis to establish our:

  • knowledge base

  • understanding

  • beliefs

  • important decisions - as individuals & within our social groups

Joe's been working on the greater TAP initiative for nearly a decade. TAP is about transitioning to a world that is better balanced and sustainable. TAP's approach advocates first for those of the future it calls THEM.

Joe's firm is New Hope Products Company (NHPC). NHPC found commercial success in the toy & game industry. Of more than 20 licenses secured two products remain active in the market:

Joe also has years of experience creating digital-tech solutions. One of his ideas received $4+ million in VC funding, but was not commercially successful as business leadership put profit above user experience.

In the hierarchy of prioritizing Joe now demands money be placed below primary world-improvement objectives as he tells everyone, "If you do the solution "approach" correctly, then 'sustainability money' will always be there."