Deeper TAP 02

3 Mar 2022

Apologies if I repeat myself too much. I've been writing and writing - for oh, so many years.

Here's just some of my older TAP writings:

I'm not sure about the ordering. I attempted to place the newer sites nearer the top of the list.

And before the TAP concept and name came along there was much pre-TAP writing. To go back further in time you can explore here.

TAP didn't just appear within my mind overnight. Like most else in the universe it evolved over time.

The Lease Economy was what TAP was - just before the name, TAP, and concept showed up. Basically, an alternative world based on a new type of economic model.

I'm not a good writer - as I've witnessed and assessed from the responses of others. Only one person in the world really seemed to understand my intent with TAP. Now, after three years, even she has moved away from interacting with me. Probably a good thing though - because she often left my mind with more misunderstanding than understanding.

Though my wife has come a long way along with understanding TAP - she is not the type of person to embrace its pursuit - and to put in the required work. But I'm very happy she is trying to connect with me this way. Thank you Mary!

Some other friends and interested-in-TAP 'associates' have shifted to a personal life crisis issue. I've now disconnected with them.

So I'm once again - back to my writing - to try to bring about some bit of sanity to my world.

The audiobook I'm presently listening to - seems to be saying that our world needs many more minds working on cataloging all its creatures and life-sustaining components.

For TAP these types of pursuits, right now, are just distractions - from where humanity really needs to be spending its limited time and resources.

TAP recognizes that we don't have much time or resources left - to bring about the shift. The shift onto a different path of possible indefinite sustainability.

Right now humanity is most likely going to kill itself. It's not going to be an Earthly event and even any solar-system event that sends us into extinction. It's just going to be terrible events from our misunderstanding.

Humans innately like distraction from the truth. Our present reality is mostly the result of the avoidance of truth. We love magical explanation and hope from the non-truth. And this is what's going to kill us all.

So what can be done?

Today's minds will not listen to reason and logic. Though I'm certain they feel in their 'hearts' and 'guts' - that it's mostly NOT right.

Our world makes perfect sense - given the 'truth' of its present leadership's messaging - that spews lie after lie of what's important and the purpose of your life. Has leadership fallen under their own spell? Or do they know exactly what they are doing? Are they so f$&king selfish - that they don't even care about their own kids and grandkids?

TAP will tell you - to create the shift, still - we simply need to be smarter than 'them' (present leadership). We must trick them with something that they do not understand - and even after they begin to understand it - they still don't really understand it.

This is what TAP was engineered to do!